The Esophageal Cancer CareLine provides navigation assistance with financial and practical challenges which impact your ability to access healthcare. Whether you need help understanding coverage options, finding resources for financial aid, or resolving issues with the insurance company, we are here to help. All services are confidential and free of charge.

Reduction of Financial Burden

  • Identification of local, regional, and national financial assistance resources for cost of living, nutritional needs, transportation, utilities, and medical related expenses; assistance with applications as necessary. 

Enrollment into Appropriate Insurance and Social Programs

  • Screening for eligibility and assistance for enrollment into state and federal programs, Medicare, Medicaid, disability, Health Insurance Marketplace/Exchange plans and charity care.
  • Negotiations for discounts and payment plans for medical care and services.
  • Education about workplace protections including COBRA, FMLA, ADA and short- and long-term disability policies.

Insurance Benefit Navigation Services

  • Review and discussion of health insurance plan options to increase understanding and answer questions about specific benefits, both before and after open enrollment.
  • Support for obtaining pre-authorization for prescribed care.
  • Assistance with all levels of the health insurance appeal process.
  • Identification and resolution of insurance coding and billing issues.
  • Coordination of all benefits and rembursemement.

Treatment Decision Support

When requested, relative to treatment options or second opinion options suggested by the patient’s treating physician, the case manager will educate the patient so he/she can make an informed decision. PAF does not offer recommendations or clinical advice.

  • Review and discussion of health insurance benefits and policies regarding clinical trial coverage within the patient’s state of residence.
  • Clinical trial education, screening and enrollment, and assistance with subsequent insurance challenges.
  • Ensure that patients have access to prescribed treatment regardless of insurance status through appeal support, insurance enrollment, or charity application.
  • Support the review of and decision to change policy coverage to expand further treatment options if warranted and available.

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