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Program Disclaimer

The Esophageal Cancer CareLine is administered by Patient Advocate Foundation (“PAF”) in partnership with Esophageal Cancer Awareness Association dba EC Aware. The Esophageal Cancer CareLine provides one-on-one assistance with a professional case manager to help qualified patients and caregivers resolve financial, job-related, and healthcare access issues that may be the result of a patient’s cancer diagnosis. In order to qualify for case management assistance, the patient must have a cancer diagnosis and under the care of a physician and be a U.S. Citizen or Permanent Resident of the U.S. The Esophageal Cancer CareLine provides assistance with resolving a broad variety of patient and caregiver concerns including: (1) access to care (e.g., assistance in obtaining prior authorization approvals; second opinions, insurance appeals; insurance plan review); (2) cost of care (e.g., co-pay assistance, premium assistance); (3) cost of living expenses (e.g., rent, utility, transportation, food/nutrition assistance programs);(4) safety net program support (e.g. SSDI, LIS, Extra Help enrollment assistance) and (5) employment-related issues (e.g., FMLA, short-term and long-term disability). The Esophageal Cancer CareLine identifies sources of assistance, including other charitable organizations and government-sponsored programs, and assists patients in enrolling in these services as appropriate.

PAF will not consider the identity of any physician, provider, supplier of items or services, donor, drug therapy, services or supplies being utilized, or the referral source when assessing whether an applicant is qualified for assistance through The Esophageal Cancer CareLine. Further, assistance through the Esophageal Cancer CareLine is not dependent on the use of a particular drug, particular supplies, or particular provider or suppliers and patients are free to switch drug therapies, treating physicians, pharmacies, and suppliers at any time without affecting their continued eligibility for assistance from PAF.

Qualifying patients are provided one-on-one assistance by the Esophageal Cancer CareLine until their access to care, cost of care, cost of living, or employment-related issues are resolved. Assistance is provided to the extent the Esophageal Cancer CareLine has capacity to provide assistance with no preference being given to any one referral source.

Information Collection, Use, Disclosure Ownership and Sharing
Patient Advocate Foundation is committed to ensuring patient’s privacy is protected. It is the policy of Patient Advocate Foundation that patients’ individually identifiable information, including protected health information, collected from patients, or their authorized representatives, in the course of PAF providing assistance through the Esophageal Cancer CareLine, as well as all other foundation programs, may only be used after authorization by patients, or their representatives, as follows:
1. By PAF and its representatives to provide services and support to patients seeking assistance from and enrolled in PAF programs, including those administered by PAF as a service provider or program partner, to respond to applications for assistance, resolve issues presented by patients seeking assistance from PAF and to evaluate the effectiveness of the Esophageal Cancer CareLine.
2. Representatives may include PAF employees, both permanent and temporary, directors, officers, PAF legal counsel, contracted third party service provider organizations, specific contacts within organizations contracting PAF as a program administrator and specific contacts within organizations partnering with PAF to provide the Esophageal Cancer CareLine.
3. Patients’ contact information may be used in the future to share printed and/or electronic communications from Patient Advocate Foundation and The Esophageal Cancer Awareness Association dba EC Aware. If the patient does not wish to receive print and/or electronic communications from PAF or the Esophageal Cancer Awareness Association dba EC Aware, he/she may contact the program at 1-866-952-9597 and request to have his/her contact information removed from the mailing list.
4. Patients’ data may also be used in de-identified aggregated reports. This means that information patients provide to the Esophageal Cancer CareLine may be combined with other patients’ data to prepare reports analyzing patient needs and the effectiveness of the Esophageal Cancer CareLine. PAF will only use de-identified patient data, i.e., patient data where all identifying data terms like the patient’s name, identifying numbers, etc. have been removed in these aggregated reports.
5. PAF is the owner of the personal information collected through PAF programs, including the Esophageal Cancer CareLine, PAF may provide de-identified reports to the Esophageal Cancer Awareness Association dba EC Aware. In addition, PAF may share individually identifiable information with the Esophageal Cancer Awareness Association dba EC Aware, including contact information and acknowledgement of receipt of services from the Esophageal Cancer CareLine for the purposes of data analysis regarding the impact of the Esophageal Cancer CareLine.
6. PAF collects information that patients voluntarily provide or that is given to us by patients’ authorized representatives and providers, including but not limited to family members, caregivers, guardians, medical providers, pharmacies, health care facilities, diagnostic laboratories, medical equipment providers, health and welfare benefit plans, insurance companies, benefit administrators and employers.
7. PAF will not sell or rent patients’ individually identifiable information, including protected health information, to anyone.
8. PAF will not share personal information with any third party outside of the organization other than as necessary to resolve issues presented by the patients, to process an application for assistance, to process a claim being made against a financial award that has been provided, to evaluate the effectiveness of the Esophageal Cancer CareLine, as required by a partnering organization, for PAF operations/management or as is required by law.
To learn more about PAF’s Patient Privacy Policy, visit our website at to view the full policy.


The Esophageal Cancer CareLine provides navigation assistance with financial and practical challenges which impact your ability to access healthcare. Whether you need help understanding coverage options, finding resources for financial aid, or resolving issues with the insurance company, we are here to help. All services are confidential and free of charge.

Reduction of Financial Burden

  • Identification of local, regional, and national financial assistance resources for cost of living, nutritional needs, transportation, utilities, and medical related expenses; assistance with applications as necessary. 

Enrollment into Appropriate Insurance and Social Programs

  • Screening for eligibility and assistance for enrollment into state and federal programs, Medicare, Medicaid, disability, Health Insurance Marketplace/Exchange plans and charity care.
  • Negotiations for discounts and payment plans for medical care and services.
  • Education about workplace protections including COBRA, FMLA, ADA and short- and long-term disability policies.

Insurance Benefit Navigation Services

  • Review and discussion of health insurance plan options to increase understanding and answer questions about specific benefits, both before and after open enrollment.
  • Support for obtaining pre-authorization for prescribed care.
  • Assistance with all levels of the health insurance appeal process.
  • Identification and resolution of insurance coding and billing issues.
  • Coordination of all benefits and rembursemement.

Treatment Decision Support

When requested, relative to treatment options or second opinion options suggested by the patient’s treating physician, the case manager will educate the patient so he/she can make an informed decision. PAF does not offer recommendations or clinical advice.

  • Review and discussion of health insurance benefits and policies regarding clinical trial coverage within the patient’s state of residence.
  • Clinical trial education, screening and enrollment, and assistance with subsequent insurance challenges.
  • Ensure that patients have access to prescribed treatment regardless of insurance status through appeal support, insurance enrollment, or charity application.
  • Support the review of and decision to change policy coverage to expand further treatment options if warranted and available.

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Our Partners

The Esophageal Cancer CareLine is operated by Patient Advocate Foundation in partnership with the Esophageal Cancer Awareness Association dba EC Aware.  This free patient support program helps patients with esophageal cancer and their families overcome practical, emotional, social, access and financial barriers. This program is part of the MedCareLine division within Patient Advocate Foundation.

About Patient Advocate Foundation

Patient Advocate Foundation (PAF) is a national 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization which provides professional case management services to patients with chronic, life threatening and debilitating diseases.

Established in 1996, Patient Advocate Foundation assists patients who have been diagnosed with serious illness overcome healthcare access barriers. PAF provides in-depth assistance through personalized case management, financial support, and connection to critical community resources.  PAF serves uninsured and insured patients across the country at no charge to help overcome and resolve insurance-related and financial obstacles that impact care.

Patient Advocate Foundation has been consecutively recognized as a 4-star charity by Charity Navigator, the country’s premier independent charity evaluator. For more information about Patient Advocate Foundation and their full mission to improve health access to all patients, visit

About Esophageal Cancer Awareness Association

Esophageal Cancer Awareness Association’s mission is to provide outreach for esophageal cancer patients, caregivers, and survivors, to increase public awareness of this disease and to offer education and information in a supportive environment.

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Are you eligible?

  • Diagnosed with esophageal cancer and be under the care of a physician; and
  • Be a U.S. Citizen or Permanent Resident of the U.S; and  
  • Have a support need around financial assistance, health or disability insurance navigation, workplace benefits and entitlements, access to care. 

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